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Monday, January 28. 2008

Category : New Treatments, : Procedures, : Thermage / ThermaCool

Monday, January 28. 2008

Thermage / Thermacool Lifts are Operator Dependent

Who performs the procedures does make a difference...

Sometimes during the consulation my patients tell me that they had Thermage several years ago with little visible improvement. Upon further questioning it becomes clear that the procedure was not performed by a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon. These non-surgical lifts can be performed by nurses and nurse practitioners. Generally speaking these non-MDs are more conservative and results are less consistent.

At Forever Young the Thermacool/Thermage procedure is performed by Dr. A. David Rahimi and with the aid of mild sedation.

In fact, we sit our patients up half-way during the procedure and show them the immediate tightening of the skin. The third generation hand pieces and the new upgraded machine are better than ever.

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Wednesday, January 16. 2008

Category : General Advice, : Procedures

Wednesday, January 16. 2008

Skin Shows Stress More Quickly Than Other Body Parts

As happy as holidays are they're also stressful - and skin shows stress more quickly than your other body parts. The treatments that are made to help correct problems are also great stress relievers in two ways...

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Saturday, January 12. 2008

Category : General Advice, : Post-Operative Period

Saturday, January 12. 2008

Advice I Would Give Family, Friends, and My Patients

If it sounds too good to be true, It is.
Stay away from claims that sound impossible; ask to see the scientific papers supporting the claims. Ther is no such thing as a no-down time procedure, or scarless surgery, etc...

Plastic surgery can change your appearance, it probably won't change your life.
Make sure you do the procedure for yourself and not someone else.

Never make a hasty decision.
Do not allow the doctor or his staff push you into surgery. If you're grieving or facing another life crisis such as divorce, postpone decision on surgery.

Make sure you have realistic expectations.
Be wary if a doctor does not review possible complications and alternatives to the surgery with you.

Your doctor should always have time to discuss your concers and answer your questions. Period.

Ask to talk to patients who have had the same procedure recently.

Finally, make sure you feel comfortable with the doctor and the staff.
Complications such as infection and bleeding do happen, even in the best of hands. What sets an ordinary surgeon apart from a great one, is how these complications are treated and handled.