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Saturday, March 29. 2008

Category : Collagen / Restalyne, : Procedures

Saturday, March 29. 2008

Hollowness Under the Eyes - YES, It Can be Treated

Even younger patients can have some degree of hollowness under their eyes. This hollowness, if pronounced, may gives the appearence of "fatigue" and "Poor- Health". Sometimes it is present in conjuction with dark circles, fine lines, or unsightly growth.

Many patients believe that surgery is the only option in treating these conditions. That is simply not true.

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Saturday, March 22. 2008

Category : Facelift / Tuliplift, : Fat Transfer

Saturday, March 22. 2008

What Should You Get With a Facelift?

I believe that a facelift should achieve several specific goals. It should remove excess skin, remove excess fat from the neck and jowl area, replace lost volume in the cheek and jawline, tighten the muscles of the neck and face, and refresh the skin.

Lets discuss each of these seperately...

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Saturday, March 8. 2008

Category : General Advice, : New Treatments

Saturday, March 8. 2008

Acne.org - Can Benzoyl Peroxide Cure Acne?

Recently, I was interviewed by an LA Times reporter about Acne.org. I was asked if I believed that large quantities of Benzoyl peroxide, applied topically can controll/cure acne in almost every one.

My response was that "I am very skeptical" and "It is silly to believe that Acne can be cured with Benzoyl peroxide alone." Acne is a complex condition with many different causes. It can be a normal component of puberty or part of a debilitating condition such as Poly Cystic Ovarian disease or Acne Fulminans.

Basically a 30-minute interview that included explanations about the hormonal aspects of acne, the environmental component, infectious and bacterial component, the more than 200 available medications and classes etc. was reduced to and quoted as " It's silly..."

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