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Thursday, September 29. 2016

Category : Acne Scarring Treatments

Thursday, September 29. 2016

venus Viva nano-fractional ablative treatment for the treatment of Acne Scars

 I am delighted to report that my experience with venus Viva has been quite positive.

The ablative mode causes significant remodeling of Collagen and drastic improvement of rolling and atrophic acne scars.

Downtime is only 3 days but 2-3 sessions over 6 months are needed.

The cost of a treatment is $1500 and includes oral sedation.




Forever Young, Inc.

A. David Rahimi, MD, FAAD.

6333 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 409 Los Angeles, CA 90048

(323) 653-7700 Fax (323) 653-6409



Dr. A. David Rahimi is one of the most experienced Acne Surgeons in Los Angeles. He is ready to put together an individual treatment regimen that fits your goals and budget. He has personally performed over 100,000 laser treatments in the past 16 years on many patients with White, Hispanic, Asian, Armenian, African American, and Middle Eastern backgrounds.

During the consultation he will discuss all the procedures that may be beneficial to you, including TCA peels, Jessner Peels, Needling, Subsicion, Punch grafting, Dermaroller, Erbium, YAG, and CO2 fractional laser resurfacing (Fraxel and Mixto), Pelleve and Ultherapy, Venus Viva ablative nano fractional Radiofrequency, Cooltouch lasers, Diolite laser, Diamond fraise Dermabrasion, Saline injections and much much more. We have 30 different laser and light sources to improve your scars and skin texture/color.

To receive a complimentary e-consultation:

Email me photos of your face and include a detailed description of previous treatments including laser and peels. I also need a little information about your past health history and any medications that you are currently taking.

Email: afshinrahimi@yahoo.com



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Category : New Treatments

Thursday, September 29. 2016


Finally there is an FDA approved procedure to permanently remove unwanted fat under the chin area.

I was hesitant at first but have seen great results over the last few months.

There is significant melting of the fat and even some tightening of the skin

Please read bout Kybella and call our office for incredible specials.

here is a good review by webmd


see the before and after pics and judge for yourself


Dr David R.