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Thursday, September 28. 2017

Category : General Advice

Thursday, September 28. 2017

How are Thyroid and thyroid cancer scars removed?

I have seen and treated many patients with unsightly and thickened thyroid surgery scars. The scar itself can be treated with Diolite laser for the removal of redness and Mixto Co2 laser for the removal of the thickening and hypertrophic parts. Furthermore the loose skin around the neck can be safely treated with Ultherapy (Ultrasound neck and face lift) or Thermacool CPT (Radiofrequency face and neck lift). Please see us for a complimentary consultation.

The ideal time to have these procedures performed is debatable. I tell my patients that it is never too late but that best results are achieved if the laser and tightening is performed in the first 12 months after the recovery.

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Dr. A. David Rahimi