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Thursday, March 29. 2018

Category : For Men

Thursday, March 29. 2018

Cosmetic Surgery for Men; our interview in playboy.com

Please read about Dr. David Rahimi's interview with Sean Arenas from Playboy.com

Cosmetic Surgery for men is no longer an absolute Taboo. Non surgical modalities and "no downtime" procedures are allowing men to look better with little or no downtime. The key is to look natural.

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Zonya Villatoro

Office manager

Dr. A. David Rahimi, lead surgeon at Forever Young in Los Angeles, has seen a dramatic increase in male patients in less than twenty years. “When I finished my training in 1999, maybe 5 percent of my patients were men,” he says. “Now, one-third of my patients are men.” Advances in surgical and nonsurgical techniques have made cosmetic enhancements more readily acceptable. “Twenty years ago, all we had available was cutting surgery,” he notes. “We now have many, many options to tighten up the skin, remove brown spots and fine lines, and make someone look healthier and younger.”

Dr. Rahimi, on the other hand, has a more conservative outlook. “More and more men will speak about receiving cosmetic surgery, but it’s still taboo because, unfortunately, some practitioners go overboard. They do a little and it looks good, so the patient asks for more. The [surgeon] agrees and they make the client look done or fake,” says Dr. Rahimi. “And I don’t think men are going to talk at parties with each other about getting Botox or fillers,” he adds. “It’ll always be something that they do but not readily admit to—but it’s becoming more acceptable in our society.”