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Thursday, April 19. 2018

Category : General Advice

Thursday, April 19. 2018

How to remove Lip Nodules from fillers such as Restylane ,Juvederm, and Silicone.

When dealing with nodules in the lip it is important to know what material was used to augment the lips. The treatment really varies depending on what was used and how long ago the treatment was performed. Occasional Hyaluronic acid compounds (Restylane, Juvederm, Volbella, etc) can ball up and cause small bumps. These usually resolve in a couple of weeks with massage or dilute injection of a steroid anti-inflammatory solution called kenelog.  Another option is to dissolve the Hyaluronic acid completely with a protein called Hyaluronidase. This material is injected directly into the affected area. Results are quite impressive and visible within 2-3 days.

Another condition that is much more difficult to treat is called 'Bio-film". We don't exactly understand why some patients basically develop a hard film around the implants in their lips/face! These nodules are also injected with Kenelog steroid, treated with Oral antibiotics, and anti-metabolites such as 5FU. If several injections over a few weeks does not dissolve the nodules they can be excised.

Finally; non FDA products such as Silicone and Bioalcamid (seen more frequently in patients from Mexico and South America) don't respond well to steroid injections and can cause severe deformities. These "granulomas" need to be excised. There is always scarring and downtime with excision of these inflammatory nodules in the lip and I perform it as a last resort.The incision is placed inside the mucosa and the hard nodules are surgically removed. Downtime and swelling/bruising is about one week.

Call us if you have irregular bumps or nodules in your lip or face and wish an evaluation to have these lesions removed.

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Dr David Rahimi