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Thursday, May 1. 2008

Consultations – They’re so Important

Every new year brings with it a chance for transformation.   The majority of our resolutions center on our appearance – losing weight, getting active, or improving the self in some way.  With cosmetic and surgical procedures the resolution to do something is often daunting and riddled with fear.  Even making an appointment for a consultation can be unnerving – and yet it’s the only way to know exactly what can and cannot be achieved.  The good news is – they can often be enjoyable.

Surgical Procedures - these are the most difficult decisions and no matter how many articles you've read or friends who have added their opinions or scare stories – there's no better source than your doctor for information.  The truth is these decisions cannot be made by you alone and the sooner you know what the realities of your specific needs are, the less time you’ll spend worrying or even dismissing the possibility.  Go to a consultation with an open mind – and your questions – and be prepared to learn more about yourself – not some case study in a magazine.

Skin Conditions - while less daunting, patients often feel they have to endure the aggravation – maybe it's a common condition like acne and they tried over the counter remedies or they feel it's trivial – but there's nothing trivial about broken capillaries if they make you wince every day.  Many conditions that have resisted solutions in the past now have very simple answers.   Unless you're at the forefront of all the medical data – you won’t know until you ask.


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