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Thursday, November 5. 2009

Leg Vein Therapy

Unlike other medical specialties which focus on one area of the body, with skin it’s everywhere and each portion of it carries its own problems.  The legs are especially vulnerable to certain disorders – as well as all the other conditions.  A common and often hereditary complaint my patients have is spider veins, varicosities, broken capillaries or sunburst vessels. These veins do not actually serve a purpose, so can be removed without posing a health problem. The procedure used to treat spider veins is called sclerotherapy...

Most commonly found on the thighs, around the knees, on the calves and on the ankles, this therapy has been available for some time and the solutions which are injected into the veins have been steadily improving in efficacy. It’s a simple procedure – the vein is injected two or three times over the course of several weeks. The solution causes a small clot which stops the blood flow to this vein and eventually it disappears.

Like all skin problems it’s better to resolve issue sooner rather than later. Many patients don’t seek treatment until the condition is wide spread requiring many treatments over a longer period of time. My advice to patients who have a tendency toward spider veins is to treat it quickly – don’t allow the problem to continue and accrue. While it’s true you may experience new outbursts at least you can stay on top of it with little time and less cost.


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