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Tuesday, March 10. 2015

Category : New Treatments

Tuesday, March 10. 2015

PPP pr Pearly penile Papule treated with laser

PPP or Pearly Penile Papules

I have treated nearly 100 patients with PPP over the past 16 years.

This benign condition can cause profound anxiety in younger men.

It is easily treatable with lasers and leaves virtually no marks.

I start the consultation with a thorough medical exam followed by detailed photographs outlining the procedure and healing phases. 1-2 sessions are usually needed to eliminate the problem. The healing phase is 5-7 days. Mild redness and soreness can last up to 2 weeks.

Please come in for a free and confidential consultation

Or e-mail me your questions and photographs for a virtual consult.


Saturday, March 7. 2015

Category : New Treatments

Saturday, March 7. 2015

Quadrafecta face and neck lifting without surgery


Ultherapy face, neck and eyes

Mixto fractional Co2 laser face, neck and eyes

Voluma fillers

Great non-surgical lifting


Category : Acne Scarring Treatments

Saturday, March 7. 2015

"Neda Protocol" for the treatment of severe acne scarring


I often see patients with deep acne scarring who have atrophic, ice pick, box car, and rolling scars.

These types of scarring are difficult to treat. Each type of scar requires a separate modality and special consideration.

Ice pick scars are punched out using different size round punches. The holes are basically excised and the skin surtured back in place. The ensuing scar from the excision is evened off using a CO2 fractional laser (Mixto CO2).

Rolling and atrophic scars are treated with Subcison.

Subcision involves using a small knife under the skin to cut the bands that are pulling the skin down.

Atrophic areas are filled in with PRP (Plasma Rich protein) or fat.

The skin is tightened using Ultherapy or Pelleve.

I call this combination therapy “The Neda protocol”

Please see his for a free consultaion.

Dr. David R.

Forever Young, Inc.

Saturday, February 21. 2015

Category : New Treatments

Saturday, February 21. 2015

Bellafill and Juvederm Voluma for the treament of hollow temples

Sculptra and Juvederm Voluma can be used to fill in the hollowness in the temple area. This hollowness happens as we age and worsens in the 50s and 60s.

In addition to harvested fat, Juvederm Voluma and Bellafill can be used to fill these imperfections and rejuvenate the face. The treatment is practically painless and requires little to no downtime.

Please visit us for a free consultation.(the two top photos are before, the bottom 2 photos are immediately after)

Thank you

A. David Rahimi, MD, FAAD, FAACS.

Category : General Advice

Saturday, February 21. 2015

Juvederm Voluma for lips and laugh lines

Juvederm Voluma can be used to fill in deep laugh lines and lips with ease.

Results are immediate and can last up to 3 years.

These are just a few recent examples.

Please visit us for a free consultation.

Tuesday, January 27. 2015

Category : New Treatments

Tuesday, January 27. 2015

Restylane Silk; the newest filler introduced for luscious lips.

There is a new filler in town!

Restylane Silk was introduced this week and I had a chance to use it for the first time. I think the jury is still out on its longevity. I loved the way it glided in the syringe and achieved great results in sculpting luscious lips. It may also have a role in acne scarring and shallow lines around the eyes and mouth.

The key will fillers into the lip area is achieving a natural look. Big lips are out and luscious silky lips are in.

Please call us for specials this month on Restylane Silk.


Category : Acne Scarring Treatments

Tuesday, January 27. 2015

Acne Scarring treated with Mixto CO2 laser and Subcision

Acne scarring

Here is prime example of combination therapy for the treatment of deep Acne scarring


Mixto fractional CO2 laser

PRP (Plasma Rich Protein)

I often also add:

Ultherapy and Micro needling or Dermapen to the procedure

These are results 2 months after one treatment

2 more sessions are needed to achieve another %50 improvement

Please email me photos for a free e-consult:


Thank you

Friday, December 12. 2014

Category : Acne Scarring Treatments

Friday, December 12. 2014

Atrophic vs. Icepick vs. Rolling, vs. Box Car scarring

Acne scarring can be devastating and truly ruin a person’ chances for a deep and meaningful relationship or even a career.

We treat deep scarrig with a combination of Mixto CO2 laser, fat grafting, PRP, Ulthera and Subcision.

Even patients with darker skin color can benefit from such treatment regimen.

Please visit our Acne Surgery page for more information and videos.

There is hope and we can help.


We offer Care Credit financing and prices range from $3000 to $4000 for a  combination treatment with laser, Subcision, fat grafting and more. Prices include blood work, sedation, OR fee and doctor' fee. All procedures performed by DR. David Rahimi with over 16 years of clinical experience and over 100000 laser treatments performed.


David Rahimi,MD,FAAD,FAACS.

Category : Acne Scarring Treatments

Friday, December 12. 2014

Acne scars treated with Mixto CO2 laser and Subcision

Acne scarring can be treated with a combination of Mixto CO2 laser and Subcision.

Even patients with darker skin color can benefit from such treatment regimen.

Please visit our Acne Surgery page for more information and videos

David Rahimi,MD,FAAD,FAACS.

Tuesday, November 18. 2014


Tuesday, November 18. 2014

Glutathione Injections; are they safe??

here is an article by Dave that I found interesting

I am often asked about oral and IV solutions to lighten the skin

the bottom line is that we don't have enough information to know the true safety profile

I would stay away from these treatments until we truly know.


Glutathione injections have been out in the cosmetic market for quite sometime now. Interestingly, the demands are in an all-time high despite of its costly value.”If you crave for a not-just-white-but-glowing skin, then go grab these injections and you’ll never regret”- this is one of the promises of Glutathione…But the question is, can it also promise us safety?


A few days back, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that Glutathione injections were not safe for the sole purpose of skin whitening. Additionally, FDA Director Suzette Lazo emphasized that the use of Glutathione was never approved as a skin whitener.


A huge number of Filipinos are using Glutathione injections as one of their beauty secrets. I even personally know some people who use the drug and never did I encounter a single complaint from any of them.  And by the way, they were using the authentic ones…

So what really is the issue? Well, i can spot two…It’s either you get a genuine glutathione injection and enjoy its benefits or be fooled and take the fake ones then end up getting all the fatal effects…

Anyhow, the bottom line is  “It’s always better to be safe than sorry”.So think twice! Here are some of the mentioned side effects and complications of Glutathione injections

Side effects of Glutathione Injections


  • Skin whitening ( the most famous side effect!)
  • Hair loss
  • White spots on the nails
  • Numbness of extremities
  • Shivers and shakes
  • Depression and anxiety

Complications of Glutathione Injections


Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome

  • Allergy or Anaphylaxis ( manifested by difficulty of breathing,tightness of chest, rashes, hives,and swollen skin)
  • Systemic Infection
  • Stevens–Johnson Syndrome
  • Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis or Lyell’s Syndrome

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

  • Kidney Failure
  • Thyroid Dysfucntion
  • Severe abdominal pain

Contraindications of Glutathione Injections


Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome

  • Never use for people under chemotherapy. It may decrease the potency of anti-cancer drugs.
  • Not advised for people with chronic kidney failure and liver problem because it may cause digestive complications such as sever pain and persistent diarrhea.
  • Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • May worsen asthmatic episodes, thus it is not recommend for asthmatic individuals.

The use of this drug should always be closely monitored by a medical professional. Do not self administer, always consult an expert for a proper assessment and accurate advice. This substance does not promise absolute results for everyone. Remember, our body is uniquely created, what’s effective to others may not be effective to you. Always seek medical advice.

END OF…Glutathione Injections | May cause Death?



Monday, November 10. 2014

Category : Acne Scarring Treatments

Monday, November 10. 2014

Treat Acne with Cooltouch CT III laser and Peels and More $400

One great way to treat resistant ACNE is with a combination approach using Laser and Chemical Peels

What Can you expect?

1)You will meet one to one for a private consultation with Dr. David Rahimi

Your topical Care is discussed and prescriptions (if needed) are written or renewed

2)Facial Acne is treated with a sophisticated non-ablative laser called : Cooltouch CT III


3)Clogged pores are extracted

4) A 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% Glycolic Acid peel is applied followed by the application on a

non-comedogenic moisturizers

All of these steps are performed in one visit that takes 30-45 minutes

Dr. David R. personally performs each step.

Downtime is minimal and is due to occasional redness and flaking following the extraction and chemical peel

What is the cost?

One flat fee of $400 covers the visist, Laser, extraction and Chemical Peel.

How many sessions are needed?

Every patient is different and every type of skin reacts differently. Generally speaking 2-3 sessions over 2 months are needed to improve acne and acne scarring.

Limited time offer - valid until 12/2014

Zonya Villatoro

office manager

323 653 7700

Friday, November 7. 2014

Category : General Advice

Friday, November 7. 2014

Forever Young will be the cover of Evolve Magazine

Evolve Magazine interviewed me last night. 

Forever Young, Inc. will be the December cover for the Evolve issue!

700K Subscribers all over the US and UK.

There will also be a 4 page article covering everything from our newly developed concept of Quadrafecta to future trends in Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology.

Here is a link to their last issue.


Category : Non Surgical Lifts

Friday, November 7. 2014

We were featured in "Healthy Living" Magazine this month

Here is a link to the healthy Living Magazine article that was published this month. Wonderful article discussing the benefits of non-surgical face and neck tightening with Ultherapy.


We currently have a Holiday special

$3000 for Ulthera of face, neck and eyes

performed by Dr. David Rahimi

Includes oral sedation

Tuesday, September 2. 2014

Category : General Advice

Tuesday, September 2. 2014

PCO (Poly Cystic Ovarian) Syndrome and excess hair (Hirsutism)

 I often see young beautiful girls in my practice who are suffering from a disfiguring condition called "PCO". Most are not aware that they have PCO.

This condition can have a range of severities and manifest itself very differently in various patients. Signs and symptoms can be:

mild mid-cycle pain and

excessive bleeding or

very aggressive Acne

and excessive hair and a host of other hormonal problems.

I make sure to refer my patients to their GYN for hormonal workup and an Ultrasound exam.

Birth control pills are very helpful in resetting their endocrine system.

Aggressive acne is treated with topical and oral medications and excess hair is permanently removed using Diode laser hair removal (Ligh Sheer).