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When glow turns to god-awful

Of all the assaults on our self image - from bad hair days to those extra pounds - none is as debilitating as bad skin. Whatever the condition is - sagging and wrinkles, redness or full acne eruption, our skin is not only the largest organ and our first line of defense against infection - it is the canvas on which all our features are displayed.

We have found that many patients believe their skin conditions are irreversible or that the effort to fix them is too costly or painful. We have addressed some of the most common skin problems to show you that problems that resisted cure in the past are now effectively dealt with.

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What is treatment for Hyperpigmentation?

Manual Epidermal Dermabrasion (MED) is a painless procedure combining physical exfoliation with chemical methods. It promotes collagen production without damaging your skin's elasticity and, most importantly, without causing pain or requiring downtime. Dr. Rahimi learned this procedure in 2002 from its developer, Dr Theodore Sutnick, and has been performing it ever since.

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