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Tuesday, September 2. 2014

Category : General Advice

Tuesday, September 2. 2014

PCO (Poly Cystic Ovarian) Syndrome and excess hair (Hirsutism)

 I often see young beautiful girls in my practice who are suffering from a disfiguring condition called "PCO". Most are not aware that they have PCO.

This condition can have a range of severities and manifest itself very differently in various patients. Signs and symptoms can be:

mild mid-cycle pain and

excessive bleeding or

very aggressive Acne

and excessive hair and a host of other hormonal problems.

I make sure to refer my patients to their GYN for hormonal workup and an Ultrasound exam.

Birth control pills are very helpful in resetting their endocrine system.

Aggressive acne is treated with topical and oral medications and excess hair is permanently removed using Diode laser hair removal (Ligh Sheer).