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Thursday, March 29. 2018

Category : New Treatments

Thursday, March 29. 2018

PRP platelet Rich Plasma for the treatment of Male and Female Pattern Hairloss (Alopecia)

We offer a combination therapy with Eclipse PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and oral Spirinolactone for the treatment of female pattern hair loss (Alopecia).

Take advantage of our specials for the month of April 2018

$750 per treatment

4 sessions over 3 month needed

Please read these articles on Eclipse PRP and female hair loss and call us for a consultation

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Friday, February 23. 2018

Category : New Treatments

Friday, February 23. 2018

venus Viva for the non surgical tightening of the skin

The non ablative Diamond hand piece of venus Viva is ideal for tightening of the skin. There is no downtime and no pain while getting the treatment.

Venus Viva also has an ablative hand piece that inserts 36 small needles under the skin. RF energy is transmitted through the needles and tightens the skin. This modality does have a 3 day downtime (swelling and peeling).

Many conditions ranging from Rosacea to acne scarring and discolorations can be treated with these 2 types of Venus Viva. Please watch our video and consider seeing Dr David Rahimi for a complimentary consultation.


Zonya Villatoro

office manager

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Tuesday, September 26. 2017

Category : New Treatments

Tuesday, September 26. 2017

Eyelid suregery and tightening without cutting is possible

Many of my patients notice aging of their eyelids starting in their 40s and early 50s.

We do offer cutting surgery and removal of skin and fat but this option is only acceptable to a small percentage of my patients.

Cutting surgery of excess skin and fat (Blepharoplasty) requires downtime and is associated with scarring.

Rarely scars can become thickened and unsightly. There is also the usually larger cost of cutting surgery and downtime.

Non surgical treatment of the eyelids with Restylane fillers, Lasers such as Mixto Co2 laser

and Ultherepay are alternatives that should be considered.

Excess skin can be tightened and removed with laser. Hollowness and deep "tear troughs"

can be filled in with fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. Pelleve, Venus Viva,

Thermacool CPT, Ultherapy are non surgical laser, Ultrasound and radiofrequency

devices that can tighten and lift the skin without the need for cutting surgery.

Downtime is usually shorter and the procedures are generally safer.

Please come in for a complimentary consultation.

323 653 7700

Dr. David Rahimi

Friday, January 20. 2017

Category : New Treatments

Friday, January 20. 2017

Thermi RF procedure for the tightening of neck

I performe cutting face and neck lifts but most of my patients prefer a minimally invasive approach and no scarring. Laser liposuction with Smartlipo Triplex has been a good alternative to surgery for some of my patients.

More recently a new device called ThermiRF is gaining acceptance in the US. This FDA approved modality melts fat and tightens the skin from inside with 3 small scars that are smaller than the back of a pencil erasure. the scars are behind the ears and under the chin and barely visible.

Thermi uses a small probe and "injects" Radiofrequency energy under the skin resulting in a tightening and elevation of the neck and jowls. The same technology can be used in the breasts, buttocks and abdominal skin..

Call us and schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this virtually scar-less neck lift.

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Category : New Treatments

Friday, January 20. 2017

Thermi Breast and Body lift

I performed many breast lifts during my Cosmetic Surgery fellowship in 1999. I never liked the scars. Some patients did great and had barely visible scars. Most of my patients had visible scars that made them self-conscious about their appearance. Occasionally the scars would become hypertrophic or even keloidal. I stopped doing breast lifts shortly after.

Recently I became very impressed with a new procedure called Thermi RF.

Thermi uses a small probe and injects Radiofrequency energy under the skin resulting in a tightening and elevation of the breast. The same technology can be used in the buttocks and abdominal skin.

Please watch this video by another surgeon back east. I hope to produce our own video this year.

Call us and schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this virtually scar-less breast lift.

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Continue reading "Thermi Breast and Body lift"

Tuesday, November 15. 2016

Category : New Treatments

Tuesday, November 15. 2016

Men are asking: Is Kybella worth it? Is it right for me?

Kybella for the treatment of excess fat under the chin and neck is becoming more and more popular.

The fact is that men in 2016 have several options to improve their jawline and contour their neck. In fact, 73 percent of people say they don’t like the extra fat under their chin and neck, according to a survey by the American Society of Dermatological Surgery found.

Here are the surgical and non-surgical options:

Smartlipo Triplex uses 3 different wavelengths and a laser to gently remove excess fat and tighten the skin from within. This procedure is invasive but can be performed under local anesthesia and leaves practically no scarring. Downtime is 3-5 days and cost varies between $2500-$5000

Some patients are against anything invasive. We also offer them a combination treatment with kybella and Ultherapy.

Kybella gradually melts excess neck fat over a few weeks and may even results in a little tightening of the skin. Subsequently any residual loose skin is tightened with either Ultherapy, Pelleve, Venus Viva, or Thermage CPT.

All these devices are offered at Forever Young Inc. and performed under light sedation for maximum efficacy and minimum pain and downtime.

Kybella treatments have 2-3 days of down time and cost $750-$1500

Ultherapy of face, neck, eyes performed by Dr. David Rahimi is $3500

We offer packages and free 6 month care credit financing

Please visit out website for more information and “before and after” photographs



Thank you

A. David Rahimi, MD,FAAD,FAACS.

Thursday, September 29. 2016

Category : New Treatments

Thursday, September 29. 2016


Finally there is an FDA approved procedure to permanently remove unwanted fat under the chin area.

I was hesitant at first but have seen great results over the last few months.

There is significant melting of the fat and even some tightening of the skin

Please read bout Kybella and call our office for incredible specials.

here is a good review by webmd


see the before and after pics and judge for yourself


Dr David R.

Tuesday, September 22. 2015

Category : New Treatments

Tuesday, September 22. 2015

Kybella vs. Lipodissolve (lipo dissolve)

I have a German patient who recently sent me articles on a product widely available in Europe. It is called Lipo dissolve and seems to have similar properties as Kybella.

If you recall Mesotherapy really did not work well. It was often administered by non MDs and no one really knew what was actually in the injections.

Kybella id offered by Allergan.

Allergan is a very professional company and just purchased Kytera (the makers of Kybella) for a deal worth over 2 billion dollars.

Allergan will now ensures safety and efficacy and purity of this product.

Prices start at $750 per treatment

2-3 sessions over a few months may be needed to achieve visible and satisfactory results. 

Please read about this new treatment on our website:


thank you

A. David Rahimi,MD,FAAD,FAACS 

Category : New Treatments

Tuesday, September 22. 2015

Kybella is finally here; permanently melt your double chin

I am really excited to announce that Kybella is finally here.

For the first time there is an FDA approved injection that permanently and non surgically dissolve fatty deposits under the chin.

Other areas such as the abdomen and knees and thighs can also be injected; although this would be considered an off label use.

Kybella can also be combined with non-surgical face and eyelifts such as Ulterapy, Thermage CPT, Pelleve, and Venus Viva.

Please read more about this exciting treatment and come in for a free consultation.


A. David Rahimi,MD,FAAD,FAACS