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Thursday, November 5. 2009

Category : Procedures

Thursday, November 5. 2009

Leg Vein Therapy

Unlike other medical specialties which focus on one area of the body, with skin it’s everywhere and each portion of it carries its own problems.  The legs are especially vulnerable to certain disorders – as well as all the other conditions.  A common and often hereditary complaint my patients have is spider veins, varicosities, broken capillaries or sunburst vessels. These veins do not actually serve a purpose, so can be removed without posing a health problem. The procedure used to treat spider veins is called sclerotherapy...

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Category : General Advice

Thursday, November 5. 2009

The Inside Scoop

One thing you can say about the entire subject of self improvement is that there is certainly no lack of options – but sometimes that becomes a problem on its own.  With so many choices – each one claiming to be the best, it’s hard for patients to know who to believe.  Obviously, your trust in your doctor is the important key to finding out the real truth – the inside scoop, yet there is a tendency to be swayed by media – both print and TV.  When celebrities undergo a treatment and it’s subsequently splashed in the media it seems to carry its own validation...

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